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Kobayat International Festivals a musical & cultural event from the heart of Akkar.

Kobayat International Festivals is a yearly summer event held in Kobayat, Akkar, North Lebanon District during the month of August with an aim to highlight Akkar’s nature beauty and hidden natural treasures also to place Akkar on the Lebanese tourism map as a touristic destination.

These festivals include many events from cultural activities that sheds the light on the heritage and nature of Kobayat and Akkar to musical concerts/events hosting on its stage well recognized Local, Regional and international artists.

This festival is organized by “Kobayat International Festivals” committee headed by Mrs. Cynthia Hobeiche. 

The Musical Program

The Green Program

A hike will start from wadi al sabee valley in Akroum mountain to visit its old ruins and splendid nature.

A full hiking day from Shir Al salaam in Akkar mountains to Aein Thabet, Nabea Zaboud, Aein el Banat and finally to reach Nabea Hamade in Kobayat.

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